windows and linux hosting, Pakistan
Get Computerized

Our IT team can work for devlopment of website, online portal and software. We are working in software and web development since long.

Dynamic/Static Software/Web Development

We can provide corporate level services to client in these tools (Oracle, VB.Net, PHP,, ASP/VB). In addition we have various components/applications that can help developers to complete their project easily. We are listing few of them with their prices.

g3a Zip Library: Compress/Pack files and De-Compress/Unpack files with this vb + .net component. (US$58.00)

g3a Mailing List Manager: MS/Access, Excel, SQL Server supported application. (US$ 180.00)

g3a Web Upload : Uploading component for ASP/COM enabled environment. (US$ 200.00)

g3a Mail Connector : Credential Validates via this component for an IMAP enabled email account. (US$ 225.00)

 g3a SMTP Connection: Send email with your application with com library. (US$ 80.00)

g3a Date Validation: Component to validate a given date. Also can be use to show date on desire format. (US$ 80.00)

g3a SMS Senders: Application to send sms with SMS account. (US$ 160.00 (Include free SMS account with 200 SMS credits))

g3a Contact Organizer: Application for keeping safe your important contacts in various database supported format. (US$ 110:00)

g3a RegServer (Service Library Registration): Application to register dot net and vb component into Windows machine. (Free with com or .net component)