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Professional Services

Treating each client with professional ethics and providing information and practical help to get the solution.

About Us

We are Pakistani, Karachi based, customer-focused group of IT professionals dedicated to your success. GroupAAA recognized in the world of IT in early days of year 2007. We understands its objective to make available benefits of computerized information technology to all sized organizations. We work as a team with customer to keep smooth their business with us. Since start, we hosted so many personal, small business and high-level websites on a global level. The reason behind our success is our commitment for quality support (read Why Us at below) and competitive hosting plans (see hosting plans).

Here, we pride ourselves in providing web hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. We have received THANKS several times from our clients and that is due to our continuous struggle in providing quality, reliable and client-focus services.

Go ahead and give us a try, and you will experience us a best partner in your business.

Our Services : Our Commitments

We offer a variety of services for both personal and business grade web presence. If you are looking to go on the web with style, fast load speed, reliable performance, then shack hands with us for your internet presence. Check out our hosting service features. You may find some good surprises! We aren't just another Rs.355/- per month web host offering unlimited bandwidth and space. Simply because "unlimited" doesn't exist. Quality hardware, connectivity and datacenter rack space means costs to run a reliable service tailored on your own needs. Once we sell any product, we do not forget the client. Instead we feel happy in providing any assistance related to our services. Let us know of any problem you experienced while working with us. We will do everything possible to help you. We follow commitments in our services:

  • Apply standards in our services
  • Providing friendly and timely support
  • Deploying industry standard hardware
  • Upgrade hardware and software as per needs
  • Introducing new products in our services
  • Routine inspections over the infrastructure
  • Provide sound privacy to each client
  • Integrity and honesty in every aspects of our organization

Why Select Us

Because you are looking for no-nonsense web host. We do not oversell resources. We are not hosting on desktop computer, nor we are specialize in being the lowest bidder. We use high-quality servers and network gear, and our internal operations are around the clock - so issues are addressed regardless of the time or what holiday is on the calendar.

We are one stop shop for your hosting needs, from domain registration to publish website and to sell online. You require Linux or Windows OS, we offer both. We have low budget plans at standard grade (See Offered Plans) servers for small to mid resource websites. We offer business grade servers (See Hosting Plans) to offer maximum resources to hosted websites by allowing only few clients over them. You want a reseller hosting plan? That available with us.

We will be happy by offering you lots of components for your website hosting needs. If a component is not available with us, we will be happy to install it. If it's simply a tool that your website is going to use, we'll make sure that you have it on the server. We will go as far as possible unless the request compromises the security or the integrity of our service.